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Suga Shikao - Ijimete Mitai

The track has been looping on the winamp non-stop. Don't understand a single word the man is singing, but it's makes one want to jut out one's hips and just strut.

It's the beats, I tell you. The beats.

Momus - Lah Di Dah

Momus might be so full of himself sometimes, but this one contains some of the sweetest lyrics and the man does do a decent cover. So there.
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He said "Son, when you grow up, will you be, the savior of the Broken, the Beaten and the Damned?"

He said "Will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers, the plans they have made?

Because one day I'll leave you,
A phantom, to lead you in the summer,
To join the black parade."

My Chemical Romance is hardly a band I can bear to listen to, but the first few bits of "Welcome To The Black Parade" always make my hair stand when it comes on the radio.
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I think I sprained a butt muscle from carrying the above mathafooker for most part of the day. (Home -> Bugis, Bugis -> Orchard -> Marina -> Suntec -> OMGHOME) It's one thing to backpack with something that size and weight and another to walk long distances with it. I think I nearly took some heads off everytime I turned sideways too.


Bengs, Zhnged Cars & Music )
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I really don't like Scissors Sisters' new album. With the exception of the first and last track. The latter was featured in FluxBlog and the dude was right in saying Ta-Dah! is more of "Take Your Mama Out" than say, "Laura" "Filthy/Gorgeous". That said, he's wrong in saying it sounds like "Laura"**.

Momus' latest offering is up for free loving within 2? 3? days a week of him officially announcing it's out. Dear Momus, I am very fond of your gentle whispery warbling and your sweet tunes, but for fuck's sake, do sing/write things that poor plebeian philistines like yours truly can understand. I simply cannot appreciate what sounds like "Oh wow wow, ca, ca ca sont ca sont ci bont kimochi/ Word (Walk?) to that Chinese House/ That girl is tasty"*

... oh, what the fuck. Half the time I can't decide whether he's dead serious or larconic in his LJ. HIS GENIUS IS WASTED ON PEASANTS, O LIMITLESS WOE.

*EDIT: Actual lyrics found here.

**EDITED: It's late, I made a typo, I am tired and I am tired. Bugger off.
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Dear People,

I do not go fishing in tanks and dipping neon tetras in soy sauce the moment no one is watching.

Stop giving me weird looks when my phone rings. There is nothing wrong with being whipped when you misbehave.

Please download Junior Boys' "In The Morning (featuring Andi Toma)". Because your world needs to be prettier.

PS: The track is not so much Depeche Mode's Violator but making out with slow desperation while dawn hovers in the background. See? Pretty.

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Somewhere out there, someone has found it fit to release only the second disc of the famed Depeche Mode 101 DVD set. Pounced on it as the damn set is not available on this island. It might not have been wise to watch it without much sleep.

101 blah & tracks from 101 LIVE )

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Practicing escapism. It's either more music for Cat who needs to rebuild her mp3 collection or more snoozing.

Music from The Unicorns. Because they send me howling with laughter. The first has got disgruntled songwriters bitching about each others' horrid lyrics, disgruntled unicorns who got left behind by their mates and disgruntled comments on songmeanings.net.

'i beg to differ about this song not havng deep meaning. in the first part he's saying "look, i missed getting on the ark cause the fucking lady unicorn didn't wait for me" "if i had gotten on the ark you would have a gang of unicorns today" how many unicorns can one unicorn make? that's right, zero. but how many baby unicorns can two unicorns make? a fucking legion.'

(It makes sense if you ask me.)

The second song is all being disgruntled with being boring. Or it could be about creeping into some boy's room in the middle of the night and going snipsnipslitslit. Who knows?

The Unicorns - I Was Born (A Unicorn)
The Unicorns - Emasculate the Masculine
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Was at Cat's BBQ party and promised to upload music in return for food and Gen agreeing to be my model. (Cat's brother and his friends were trying to act all cool and nonchalant about the fact that they were in the same room with The Maxim Cover Girl aka The Girl Now Featured in FHM. They held as long as they could and then broke down asking to take photos with her to upload onto their blogs and gottknowswhatelse. It was amusing to say the least. I spent much time trying not to laugh into my cup of red wine.)

So. Music as promised.

Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited )

Random )

That's it.

PS: For fark sake, Gen, at least get yourself an OpenID if you insist on being staying on blogspot.
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Am not dead, just swamped with things that need to be done.

However. I came across Depeche Mode's "Suffer Well" vid. And then Pandora.com played Liam Lynch's "Fake Depeche Mode Song". And then I thought if it wasn't a sign from the Higher Power(s) to inflict the video on you. Because Martin Gore does a Queen (and dear gotts, he makes a hideous bride). Because David Gahan manages to take himself not seriously enough to go all ghetto, do the funky chicken (well, sort of) and he's fucking hot in that fucking suit. Because it's all about the Sims.

... need I say more?

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Not so much a GIP, but one that points to music.

The Violator gets violated in this one, as the Depeche Mode album is covered, remixed and mashed up.

It's fucking good.
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After a drought of concerts, we seem to have an onslaught this year. Especially with the Mosaic Music Festival in March.

The KoC tickets for 16th March have more or less sold out (word is a crazy lass bought 40 of the babies to spread the KoC love to the ignorant -_-). The thing is the tickets for ElectroLab's concert on the 15th March seems to be still available but selling fast, damnit! (Half of KoC is in ElectroLab. Because Erlend Øye = ElectroLab XD;;;) Jason Mraz aka The Remedy Song Guy will also be holding a concert on the 17th March. Tickets for ElectroLab and Mraz is only SGD28-30 for students. Ronin will also be performing on the 16th March from 10-10:45pm, FOC.

PEOPLE? ANYONE UP FOR WATCHING/LISTENING INDIE/EMO BOYS WITH ME? It's not fun to go to concerts alone, yo. I have to admit I am leaning towards Mraz at the moment though.

[livejournal.com profile] smackeral? You've booked for KoC, yis?

Cat, will you have flown for US then?



Might as well write about the movies watched today. The Memoirs of A Geisha was just... blah. I can't remember most of the plot from the book, but it took the movie to realise how wrong the romance between Saiyuri and the Chairman was. How old was the man when he met the 12 (15?) year old Saiyuri? It's almost like he paid for her to be geisha only to er, bed her later. Marshall attempts to shoot beautifully, but that's all it is. Beautiful scenes that do not convey anything, that do not connect. It's just shots after shots of scenery that are easy on the eyes and I'm not quite sure if they can be credited to Marshall or the natural formations of Japan. Also. Japanese dance as random flapping of arms is rather disturbing.

One word: McGeisha.

Gong Li is extremely hot though.


I do not get Garden State. I'm sorry, Duh. XD;;;
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of cats, girls, cows and strange meusical notes )
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One month on dial-up and suddenly I have no idea what to do with all the Broadband Powar bestowed upon me. Not quite sure where to roam to or what to download. I wonder if any successful villain/hero ever felt the same. They don't tell you in stories.

Anyway. Music as promised.

Maxi Geil & Playcolt - Making Love in the Sunshine

Client feat. Carl Barat - Pornography

Making Love and Pornography. Are they the same? Or is sex just sex? Couldn't find the lyrics for the first, but I love how the first seems to be love, but hear between the lines and you see Doubt slyly creeping in. All the questions and all the need for reaffirmation of love. Or is that part of being in love? The chap seems more comfortable having sex as sex than falling and "making" love while the lady complains her lover's breast smells funny. XD;;;

On the other hand, the pair in the latter track is not about commitment, not about seeing each other daily, not about promises, not about following the usual rules, but sex with monogamy. Sounds a lot like love. It doesn't hurt that the track has Goldfrappish Happy (Synthy) Piano in it either. Happy Piano is always good.


Alright. I may not like another's choice in music, but I'm all for the freedom to listen to anything you bloody want. That said, I'll now admit this strip had me cackling everytime I thought of it for the past few days. XD
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... I suspect unless you grew up with a healthy dosage of Transformers, you're not going appreciate the beauty of having the title of this post on a shirt. XD;

(I feel like I am reverting back to the small boy I never was. Dinosaurs and robots. I WANT THEM ALL!)

The problem with wearing Aizen!Glasses is that you tend to wear them far too long a period of time and when you revert to contacts, EYES BLEED.

There are far too many people occupying my regular foxhole this semester.

Here, have two tracks. The first is a bossa nova mash-up and the second will have the strange effect of making you want to go "RUSSIA'S GREATEST LOVE MACHINEEEEE!" Guranteed.

Tomas Diablo - Dance With Me

Boney M. - Rasputin


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Posted this earlier, but decided to take it down as it might prove to be offensive. (Rule of thumb for everything and everywhere: Cover your ass. Why? Because it belongs to no one else.) But after running a mental check of the things heard recently, I'll still have to go with what I said earlier.

Probably one of the better FSTs heard in a long long time.

Non Serviam: The Devil Mix

I offer no apologies.

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After more than a year, I am still madly in love with the Escaflowne Rescored FST. Seriously, massive <333 because it brings to mind the exact feel of the anime. Right down to the ending that makes one emo as hell. They work fine individually too. The Momus, Shiina Ringo and Bad Plus tracks are still regulars on the winamp. I think I am more receptive to Spitz now then I was a year ago though. I remember going "..." when I first heard "Kaede". But yanno, when you have understood the context, an FST is so much more.

I think Mr. Starr is awesome as hell.


m-flo's Astromatic and Beat Space Nine. The latter has a "sadder" feel than the first on the whole. I mean, it's not like it's laden with sad tracks, just that... a little slower, a little less crazy energy or something. Head-bopping and shimmeying inducing tracks are still there, just a different overall feel.

Anyway. Because I am currently doing a project on the Korean language, here's the collaboration track between m-flo and Whee Sung off Beat Space Nine. And don't ask me why m-flo loves the man, m-flo loves everyone on the goddamn album. XD

m-flo - I'M DA 1 [m-flo loves WHEE SUNG]

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The Poptext dude pointed, so I followed. Fans of Love Psychedelic might want to check out Dragonette. The vocalist sounds eerily like Kumi, except with a less stilted accent. The music sounds nothing like LP though, more towards to the Depeche Mode really. But hey! It works! Two tracks available for download at the official website.

Go forth and click!

HobNobs are good for the soul. Plus, they prevent puppies from going wild and gnawing your shoes.
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I refuse to plonk down SGD$60+ for an album I have not heard and deemed sweet. Not after the Gackt fiasco. *SULKS*
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OMG DEPECHE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


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