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I finally got to watch Lost in Translation recently. Three scenes that made the most impact:

1) the Japanese Director -> Translator -> Bob;

2) the part where Bob and Charlotte are in the same bed, with Charlotte curled in a fetal position, asking difficult questions while on her way to dozing off and Bob's timid/wary unfurling of fingers to pat Charlotte on her feet and;

3) the last bit. Oh, the last bit.

I have been googling to find out what was it that Bob whispered in Charlotte's ear. Wikipedia tells me the truth might never been known. If the inability to express one's emotions verbally is continually made evident throughout the film, should the ending be any different? "I love you, don't forget to tell the truth" would be very nice, but.

Neverending White Lights' cover of New Order's "Age of Consent" should also have been included in the movie soundtrack, damnit.
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Finally got to watch V is for Vendetta. Alan Moore might sneer at the movie, but I can think of one good reason why one should watch it: Hugo Weaving's voice if nothing else.

I know I made fun of how Elrond sounded too much like Agent Smith in the third LotR movie, but seriously, how many different speech patterns does this man have? I can go on about the way he enunciate his words, the crisp staccato or his sharp 't's and 'd's. The question is, why bother when I can upload clips instead?

Hardly CD quality, the speech V gives upon meeting Evey is split into three. They are recorded through the speakers with a headset's microphone. However, I'm sure you'll get the point.

3 clips make one fangirl.

the tongue twister )


Oh yes. And we caught PotC: DMC yesterday as well. All I can say is...



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Recently finished watching the Chinese-subbed version of NANA. Some kind soul has released translations of interviews with the actors. Am still waiting for the Yasu* interview, but for now am currently going "..." over the fact that most of the actors are the same age as me. Only the dude acting as Nobu is born in 1982.

... "Hi! So you are XX years old. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SO FAR???!"

You get my point.

Still prefer the manga version of the series to the movie's portrayal. Nana (as in Nana and not Nana-Hachikou**) appears all too serious and cool in the flick, similar to the Major in the GitS anime who was actually more... kooky in the manga. (I am going to a special place in fandom hell for calling the Major "kooky", aren't I? But she is! To me!)

The relationships in the series drive me bonkers.

*Is it my fault I find Yasu incredibly hot? It's all about the contradiction! I want to know where they got the actor from because he looks so much like Yasu in the manga (but with eyebrows rescued from the Tweezers of Doom), it's scary. (As compared to Manga!Ren and Movie!Ren or Manga!Shin and Movie!Shin.)

**I like Hachikou even if I suspect she will drive me to my grave in real life. She reminds me of an old friend... who more or less drove me near death until she moved to Toronto. It's kind of like... my uncle's dog. Dumb, likes snitching and eating chocolate even when it should know better (which more or less ends up doggy bowels explosions all over the place -_-), but too fluffy, dumb, loyal and IWUBYOU!IWUBYOU!IWUBYOU! for you to throttle it and at the end of the day, you know you'll clean up its mess even if you bitch and moan while doing it because you love it in a very twisted weird way.

I forget you already know why she is nicknamed Hachikou.
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I don't claim to be a fan of Wong Kar Wai. I just happen to be interested all the unspoken things in his films. XD Watched Days of Being Wild and just didn't get it. Or rather, did not get the part about the whole Adopted-Mother-Real-Mother-I-HATE-J00-ALL! thing that was going on. Couldn't figure out why the protangonist, Yu Di, was all broody and disillusioned and stuff. No more brain cells left after the stats report. On the other hand, was suitably creeped out by all the backstory of characters in In the Mood for Love and 2046. Because it's like the New Source of All Problems Playboy* (Tony Leung) and Old Playboy (Leslie) were meant to come together, screw and make each another miserable in Happy Together.


All the characters were unhappy, all the characters are still unhappy and if 2046 is the way it goes, all the characters are still going to be unhappy. I'm still not giving up on finding a happy character and/or relationship in his movies though, damnit. (The closest so far? The unseen Mr. Chan and Mrs Chow.)

*The moment Yu Di aka Leslie Cheung died in Days of Being Wild and Tony Leung appeared, a voice in my head went "ALRIGHT! NEXT BETTER PLAYER!"

... that might make more sense if you speak Singlish.

... I also sort of miss Leslie Cheung. ;__;


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