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E mentioned that House M.D was probably one of the most depressing shows around. I don't think so.

With the exception of documentaries and reality tv (and sometimes even that, but reality tv is like the Grey Lands), tv shows are by default optimistic. House doesn't tell you anything you didn't know when you woke up today. He just rubs things in your face. Personally, I find the series a too-happy one because most cases get solved, it paints a picture that one can violate rules and regulations and get away with it simply on the account of intelligence and being somehow more or less right (sooner or later) and how you can be a total ass and still have someone to stick by you.

But it's tv, you say. Hence the default status.

(And while most are disturbed by the Robot/Cameron thing? The truly disturbing thing was the patient's intestines, I tell you. They look like sausages when they went "WHEE! FREEDOM!"

... sausages are made traditionally made by stuffing meat into the intestines of animals.)
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The LJ is a tad bare now. Went on a delete spree simply because I needed to kill/maim/destroy something. The past week has been hell.

Bitch )

*exhales* OTOH, received a note to collect my Farewell to my Concubine poster and my UOB Campus card finally arrived. (Yes. Now to decide on a domain name.) Finding out that one of my last 2 papers is actually a open-book one also helps. (Actually, the fact that the last 2 papers are lit ones helps a fucking lot. It means I get to do nothing but read book after book this weekend. I'm hoping I'm not going to screw myself over the last 2 papers as well.)

The O.C, moozik and Blueprint II )

That's about all. Wait. People, when do your papers end? Mine end on the 22nd. Drop me a note if we're to meet up for sushi and/or retail therapy and/or BITCH!session or whatever, yea? Princess D, I'll be looking forward to traumatising yer. Heh.



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