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I rarely give out my Singnet address (almost never, actually), so imagine my annoyance when I started receiving spam from assholes using email accounts their ISP gave. To spam with free email providers is nothing unusual. To spam using the email account tied up to your ISP (which allows me to HUNT YOU DOWN) is like RUBBING THE FACT THAT YOU!SPAM!NYAH!!! IN MY FACE.

And then, someone had the gall to attach the following message as a signature.

"This unsolicited e-mail is for information purposes only, following a request for removal.= It is sent in accordance with the Information Exchange Promotion Protect= ion and Privacy Act sect. 50, marked as "Advertisement" and containing a = valid remove instruction below.

Should you not wish to receive information from us in the future, = please click remove to be properly removed.. Even though our database cleansing might = be subject to delay or error, we will remove your e-mail address perm= anently from our database.

Anti-SPAM Policy Disclaimer: Under= Bill s.1618 Title III passed by the 105th U. S. Congress, mail cannot be conside= red spam as long as we include contact information and a remove link for remo= val from this mailing list. If this e-mail is unsolicited, please accept our = apologies."

Guess what would happen if I actually clicked on the remove link? More spam? ATTA MY BOY!

And that was an email sent out to ask if anyone had a truck to sell. Hello? DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING CAR DEALER?! Wanted to email back that this wasn't exactly the states, but I thought I should check out Singapore's anti-spam laws first.


I'm getting off this island.

PS: Information Exchange Promotion Protection and Privacy Act sect. 50, my ass. You're a sender in Singapore, sending SPAM to someone in SINGAPORE. So if you think the Information Exchange Promotion Protection and Privacy Act sect. 50 will cover your fucking ass, how about asking the Singapore Legal System to apply Amercian Laws when you are found to have more than 15g of heroin on you in Singapore. Fuckers.


Okay. Maybe I didn't put it clearly. My fault. But the ISP involved? They were local ISPs. (Which just pisses me even more. But I digress. So. Yea.)
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Rob sez:

"Please try to be a little more boring this week. The swarming melodrama you call your life has become waaaayyyy too interesting. You've got more superheated plots and subplots going on than a Mexican soap opera."

Eh. Rob is scary.

Turns out I didn't kill the soundcard by playing moozik non-stop. (Damn. Not that I am complaining. But wouldn't it be cool? "Hi, I am k. I kill soundcards by playing mp3s 24/7, 365. Nice to meet you. What's your Soopa Powar?") Rather, Windows XP has acquired the uncanny ability of corrupting its files with a simple click of the mouse. Learnt that when I lugged the laptop to the comp service centre. That's 2 formats in a semester. And it's still...quirky. (Quirky? Oui, quirky. I have no idea how else to describe it. It's quirky like tomatoes doing the robot dance on celery sticks. Except not so fun. Nor amusing. Nah.)

So I am stuck back at square one, my book marks all gone. Forgot to do a backup on that one since I was too busy scrambling to save my mp3s and bittorent files even as the tech rolled his eyes. (You see, he knows I have illegal shit on my comp. I know HE KNOWS I have illegal shit on my comp. The idea is not to reveal we both know and keep the WHOA!ILLEGAL!SHIT! out of sight. Hey, the fine is two pops per mp3. *winces*)

And the Lit paper. Oh man, the Lit paper. *headache* This is not a good semester.

...OTOH, Meiji's Black Chocolate is creamier than thought. Smooth. More like chocolate tasting air in your mouth, leaving only traces of bitter sweetness and that touch of cream.


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