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Have also finally caught up with the flist. It appears that great stuff have been happening to some people. Congrats!
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I think the thing I miss most about not working is the long walking journeys. I pretty much walked everywhere in NUS, especially in the middle of the night where I would go to the track with the (ex) room-mate and take the long winding route back to hall (before checking the washing machines and then hanging the laundry, which is the best bit). Then there were the trips where there was much walking to explore, cut cost and avoid cheating cab drivers.

Nowadays, one is too tired or one's feet hurt from all the wearing of heels in the office (and to stomp up and down a hill... yes, the office is atop a hill) everyday or what one would rather do is to catch up on some sleep.

Growing old is painfully boring.

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With an all time high PSI record of 80, this island looks more like Genting Highlands. Except hardly quite as cool and misty. (What we have here is smoke. There's a full moon out there, but you will be hard pressed to see it clearly.) People have mentioned about the arid burnt tang in the air. Personally, I couldn't smell anything until today. (Then again, I only pay attention when it's about food.)

Makes you wonder if all that lighting up of candles contributes to the whole PSI thing.
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I think I sprained a butt muscle from carrying the above mathafooker for most part of the day. (Home -> Bugis, Bugis -> Orchard -> Marina -> Suntec -> OMGHOME) It's one thing to backpack with something that size and weight and another to walk long distances with it. I think I nearly took some heads off everytime I turned sideways too.


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What I have learnt from walking dogs: toilets and modern plumbing are the greatest inventions after the wheel.

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... I suspect unless you grew up with a healthy dosage of Transformers, you're not going appreciate the beauty of having the title of this post on a shirt. XD;

(I feel like I am reverting back to the small boy I never was. Dinosaurs and robots. I WANT THEM ALL!)

The problem with wearing Aizen!Glasses is that you tend to wear them far too long a period of time and when you revert to contacts, EYES BLEED.

There are far too many people occupying my regular foxhole this semester.

Here, have two tracks. The first is a bossa nova mash-up and the second will have the strange effect of making you want to go "RUSSIA'S GREATEST LOVE MACHINEEEEE!" Guranteed.

Tomas Diablo - Dance With Me

Boney M. - Rasputin


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You know what's beautiful? What's really really really beautiful on the inside and outside?

A bagful of fresh clean laundry straight out from the dryer. On a rainy day.

Oh man.


The only thing better than this? SUN DRIED LAUNDRY!

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I meant to watch Wong Kar Wai's Days of Being Wild, but it seems my laptop has run out of space so all I get is jerky movements and strange sound effects.

On a brighter note, maternal unit gave me a canister of 铁观音 tea leaves in vacuum sealed packets. I don't know teas very well but I like my Chinese tea bland, delicate and dry*. 龙井 is one of my favourites. Maternal unit may call me a wuss for my taste in tea, but she gets me my supply anyway. This time round, I get tightly curled up balls of tea leaves that expand well over two inches when immersed in hot water. I'm probably going to be yelled at for this, because 铁观音 is meant to be immersed various times, but the leaves are proving to be very good as nibblebits.

*As opposed to English tea, which I like strong. Dilmah's good for that. They used to have the Rum tea, which seems to have disappeared off shelves here. Pity, I rather like it.
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Spent yesterday's night wandering about in the Raffles Museum, even in the restricted area, which was all sorts of cool. There were jars of preserved animals with cloudy eyes staring back at you, a black marlin over three metres long with its wrinkled skin stretched, dead birds nestled next to each other, a badly preserved kodomo dragon in a box, a baby pink dolphin with its mouth agape in death and moths with outstretched wings pinned next to packets of moth balls. Grotesquely beautiful, all.

Then there was the depressed museum director who committed suicide and the peeping tom of KEVII who fell to his death just behind the museum. I was a little disturbed by that one. If there's a likely candidate to haunt the place, he's the one.


[livejournal.com profile] petronia, apologies about yesterday.

As I was saying, I figured Schu might be more of a trance listener more than anything. It's the genre where one ceases to think (or at least blank out pleasantly, depending on one's taste), which might be the reason why I can see his attraction. I suspect the the dance factor and enhanced experience via pill popping don't hurt.

Then again, I'm the person who links Schu to the Russians even if he has a German name. Don't think I can help you out with this one since the Schu in my head is one who will fiddle between stations, stopping momentarily to listen to the one which seems to have the most obnoxious music of the lot. Because it's amusing to him on some strange level, the same way his green hair and tears-inducing yellow headband are. Or to attempt to get a rise out of Crawford if nothing else. Because, BMW and Morning Musume.
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Posted something of a joke with evolutionary psychology in it yesterday before I realised it was the sort of thing that one has to be there to get it. So it went Houdini.

When I was ten, I was let loose in a museum in Christchurch. I can't really recall what it was that I actually saw, but I think the one collection I spent an hour staring at was the one featuring Mistakes People Made. Which means to say what you get are weird things like an ostrich skeleton with a raptor's skull. Very bizarre. I had and still have no idea what it was all about, but when I browse through my cousin's evolution books and when my tutor natters on about evolution psychology, the memories of the museum and the particular collection keep coming to mind.


I finally bought a 512mb mp3 player. It's small, it's a 10-in-1 and it's under eighty dollars. Except I'm really an old school CD sort of person. I mean, what does one do with 100+ tracks during bus rides? On the other hand, you could just listen to 10 odd tracks on repeat to catch details and squiggly bits you missed the first time round.

Yes, I feel dumb too.


Is it very wrong that reading up on Yakuza makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside?
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From [livejournal.com profile] duckpuppy.


(Picture taken from this post.)

Developmental psych is interesting, but depressing. You learn that almost everything you do might end up screwing the kid. You pay too much attention and you may end up with a spineless offspring with coping difficulties. You don't pay enough attention and you may also end up with a kid who's going to grow up insecure and with coping difficulties as well. It's like damn if you do, damn if you don't and fark if it isn't one bloody thin line (provided you're able to find where the goddamn line is in the first place). There isn't a "Go Back" button either. I don't know how parents did/do it. You plop out a baby, spend over half a million on it (yes, my tutor calculated, that wonderful wonderful Evil man) and at the end of the day, you don't know what it is that you have created and what it's going to do.


This post was brought you by the fact that Cat is going back to Oz tomorrow, she reminded me she won't be seeing me for nine months, that it is time enough to have a kid and plop it out and I am totally blaming her.
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Went out with Cat & Co. to hit the sushi bar and ended with a mind full of unnatural sightings by NS boys, which ranged from hopping cupboards to boy screaming at things only he can see in toilets designed to scare people to death. See, one of the Co. was a NS boy who has the strange luck of being assigned to haunted camps and is currently working at the supposedly most haunted NS camp on the island. The only thing he has going for him is that he can't see stuff even as his bunk mates are clutching their pillows in fear. Gee.

(My question is aren't all NS camps more or less haunted? Not to mention Pulau Tekong. It makes sense. Economically. I mean, rather than developing haunted plots of land into business/entertainment districts and having economic activities disrupted by the undead, better them plots of land used to house NS boys. It may even aid in the courage department. What can they do? I quote NS boy, "Suck thumb lor!" XD)

Also ended up walking the streets of Orchard barefooted as my sandal's strap gave way only after the shops have closed. The experience can be summed up in five points:

#1) Very few people actually notice footwear. (I do all the time, but who cares.)

#2) Maybe people here are really getting more open-minded. No one actually eyefucked me when people noticed.

#3) The streets are actually cleaner than thought. I only ended up with slightly blackened feet. Very impressed.

#4) Did you know the floors of MRTs are warm to the touch? I've always thought they might be cold with the wind blowing as the trains move. Now you know.

#5) Muse is actually really good. I just don't know why they name their songs the way they do. Oh wait. That has nothing to do with walking barefoot. Okay. Carry on.

PS: Offnote, I think I should add this, ever since I said Younger!Bill!Gates was hot?

My laptop hasn't crash. Not once.



Yup. I go away now.

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Was sick, still sick. School starts tomorrow. Am not amused. Also severely unimpressed.

When finally decide to go see doctor, all clinics closed. Such is story of life. Will have to go down again. Bah.


I've always hated going to the doctor's. It invariably makes me feel more unwell than I originally was. Something about being in the company of coughing hacking patients, screaming and/or ill-mannered children, the air-conditioner that is turned too high and the smell. The same smell which is present no matter which clinic or hospital you go to.

I also found perverse and twisted pleasure at giving up and stomping out of the same clinic as my paternal unit did almost two decades ago. Without consulting the doctor too. I can understand if there's a long queue. I just cannot stand people arriving later than I did but getting to the doctor first because the nurse/whatever messed up. Seriously, like WTFUCK DUDE?!

Maternal Unit said both of us were stupid for leaving after waiting for an hour. But that's her. Any longer there and I would have seriously killed the screaming child who insisted on opening all the doors and crying when it was forcibly removed. The irony would be that I would have killed it with the Michael Baden forensic book I was reading. Now, wouldn't that be rich?

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You know it's more than a little weird when your conversations include being in a band named, "Cake Scented Girls". Which sounds something straight out of a yuri storyline. XD Except the people in the roles of the manager (Hi, Teabag! You even have the glasses for the role! XD) and drummer aren't exactly slanted that way. (Me? I play the tambourine. And air guitar. And the obligatory Fucked Up One. XDXDXDXDXD Like Liam Gallagher. But not. Air rage is so passe now. *ISH KILLED* XD

Damn cool name for a band though. But knowing the manager, we might actually end up being called something like, "The Slashing Nemos". Or "Nemo Slashers". Either way, I don't want to know.)

Right. L'Arc~en~Ciel's "Revelation" from the Smile album. I DARE you to tell me that's not Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" in the background...Okay, make that Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" with Chirpy Chicks in the background. The album is better than thought though. WAAAAAY better than thought. Deeper analysis when I get home and compare it with the rest of their stuff.

I want to talk about The Dandy Warhols, hula-hooping boys on crack, unzipped bananas, the Darkness, patent pantsuits and Queen as well. But all my TDW tracks are not with me and I'll save the Darkness and Queen stuff till the papers are over. Anyway. Did you know there's something called "shoegazing" music? Or even "twee pop"? Belle and Sebastian go under the "twee" category. And so does Snow Patrol. Which makes me go, "Eh?"

Here comes the point of this post:


Oooo. Nice. Duh and Dee, Dee and Duh, duhdadumpdumpWHOOWAOCCHIEOCCHIEWHUMP!

I'm removing myself from the laptop now. Room mate is giving me nasty dirty looks. Oh, did I mention Pink looks TEH H4WT in the Pep-*ISH KILLED BY ROOM MATE*
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The LJ is a tad bare now. Went on a delete spree simply because I needed to kill/maim/destroy something. The past week has been hell.

Bitch )

*exhales* OTOH, received a note to collect my Farewell to my Concubine poster and my UOB Campus card finally arrived. (Yes. Now to decide on a domain name.) Finding out that one of my last 2 papers is actually a open-book one also helps. (Actually, the fact that the last 2 papers are lit ones helps a fucking lot. It means I get to do nothing but read book after book this weekend. I'm hoping I'm not going to screw myself over the last 2 papers as well.)

The O.C, moozik and Blueprint II )

That's about all. Wait. People, when do your papers end? Mine end on the 22nd. Drop me a note if we're to meet up for sushi and/or retail therapy and/or BITCH!session or whatever, yea? Princess D, I'll be looking forward to traumatising yer. Heh.

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