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Harsh yellow sunlight, dappled tree tops, bright bright blue skies and no crowds to polluate the shades of NUS. I like the campus when it's like this. Bought the cheapest Subway meal and sat under the shade of huge umbrellas and just... flopped. It felt good, doing nothing but eating crumbling cookies and drinking iced lemon tea.

Also borrowed Gen's copy of Anansi Boys. I read till the dedication page before I had to laugh and remember why I love the Gaiman Boy so. (And then I had to close the book to do nothing.)

Not exactly doing the crrrazy meme which is whipping people into a mighty fine frenzy now, but hey!

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Woke up at five in the afternoon, managed to wish Cat a happy cat day and then ran off to catch Dick Lee's Man of Letters, which is the grand finale of NUS' centennial celebrations. (Yes, NUS is a hundred this year though it had gone through different guises throughout the century.)

Reactions were mixed regarding the musical. I thought it was rather alright, even (surprisingly) better than expectations. Then again, the last RL musical I watched was Porgy and Bess which I walked out of halfway. I suppose that says a lot. For friends who a) are in NUS choir b) attend plays/theatre/music stuff quite regularly and c) art scene buffs, the play was judged not paying for. (Tickets were given to NUS students/staff FOC. I only attended because a friend backed out the last minute and I was supposed to save another from an awkward situation involving a boy. 戏如人生 and all that jazz.)

The music was pretty good. It's by Dick Lee, the Mad Chinaman, after all. Just that none of the tracks were memorable. The main cast was nothing to be sniffed at with Robin Goh, Emma Young, Lim Kay Siu and Neo Swee Lin. But I don't like Robin Goh (it's a matter of principles) and the plot sucks. What most of us did agree on was that it appeared more like an amateur production, even with the stellar cast, and there would have been much bitching and pissiness if we actually had to pay for the tickets. It's not about being cheapskates. The play just wasn't worth the $48-68.

Ah well. At least there is Cabaret to look forward to.

PS: The costumes were hot. It was all about the 1950s, where there were full circle skirts, high-waisted belts, twinsets and proper Brit geek boy looks. However, that said, I could handle more flashes of underwear though... no, you don't want to know.
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Took the backpath from Medicine and was wandering about in KEVII's carpark when I spotted the nest. It belongs to the olive-backed sunbird. I think I scared off the mother bird whilst trying to snap a picture with her in the nest. oO; There was also a male Changeable Lizard in its mating colours, resting on branch somewhere near but I was not about to tromp about in knee high undergrowth to snap a picture of it.
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I choked on my soba whilst watching the webcast. I have no idea who she is or exactly what she does, but the guest lecturer for my Japanese module would be Hatsume Sato, the woman famed for making rice balls that are apparently better than Prozac.


I'm a little lost for words.


If you're an NUS student, you should know by now that there is going to be a price hike in the school fees. What you may not know is that there is a forum for it in the IVLE (on the left side, under "IVLE TOOLS") and the discussions there are better than reality TV. You have lecture theatre bashing, lecturer bashing, tutor bashing, a call for 30.5 NUS hours in a day (as compared to the usual 24, but how that would work, I have no idea) and most of all, you should be looking out for a savant who goes by the name of Tony Halim. Read his posts and feel free to knock the bugger out. In particular, his posts on 19th Feb. Because that will be where you will probably be thinking, "Wah, PhD. Big ah?!"
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However, I did try to be a Sneaky!Ninja! and snapped scenes of the NUS engine canteen since if you will not go to it, it must come to you.



*A columnist remarked that locals pronounce it as "Vatine's Day". He suspected their subconscious tells them that today is akin to the monstrosity that Frankenstein was. XD
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Alright. I have posted my reasoning for the little experiment held yesterday. If you're interested, please proceed.


Maybe it was all the reading of xxxholic and Rin! recently, but it struck me that I had to sign up for the archery training that was held today immediately after my European studies lecture, never mind I would be late and I had no idea who would be there. So went down I did, signed up I did and started on the first of many archery lessons I did. As it is, my lousy posture is going to get me into trouble again and archers are cornier than one think. Arm-guards are also very important. I now have a bruise well over two inches complete with lines and look like I do heroin. I don't want to think of the conversations we're going to have over the Chinese New Year reunion dinner this year.


Jan. 25th, 2006 04:25 pm
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Yes, it's all about you. A little pysch experiment. Not seeking to prove anything, just doing it for curiosity's sake.

Okay. Here is the question:

A man's wife is near death from a special kind of cancer. There is one drug that the doctors think might save her. It is a drug a druggist in the same town had recently discovered. The drug is expensive to make, but the druggist is charging ten times what the drug costs him to make. He paid $200 for the radium and charges $2,000 for a small dose of the drug. The sick woman's husband went to everyone he knew to borrow the money, but he could only get together about $1000 which is half of what it costs. He told the druggist that his wife was dying and asked him to sell it cheaper or let him pay later. But the druggist said: "No, I discovered the drug and I'm going to make money from it."

Should husband break into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife? Why or why not?

You might have seen/read it before somewhere, but I am still interested as to what your answer might be. And no, there will be no judgment made.

It would be helpful if the guys reading this LJ respond too. XD; [/AHEMNOTSUBTLEATALL]


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... I suspect unless you grew up with a healthy dosage of Transformers, you're not going appreciate the beauty of having the title of this post on a shirt. XD;

(I feel like I am reverting back to the small boy I never was. Dinosaurs and robots. I WANT THEM ALL!)

The problem with wearing Aizen!Glasses is that you tend to wear them far too long a period of time and when you revert to contacts, EYES BLEED.

There are far too many people occupying my regular foxhole this semester.

Here, have two tracks. The first is a bossa nova mash-up and the second will have the strange effect of making you want to go "RUSSIA'S GREATEST LOVE MACHINEEEEE!" Guranteed.

Tomas Diablo - Dance With Me

Boney M. - Rasputin


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Spent yesterday's night wandering about in the Raffles Museum, even in the restricted area, which was all sorts of cool. There were jars of preserved animals with cloudy eyes staring back at you, a black marlin over three metres long with its wrinkled skin stretched, dead birds nestled next to each other, a badly preserved kodomo dragon in a box, a baby pink dolphin with its mouth agape in death and moths with outstretched wings pinned next to packets of moth balls. Grotesquely beautiful, all.

Then there was the depressed museum director who committed suicide and the peeping tom of KEVII who fell to his death just behind the museum. I was a little disturbed by that one. If there's a likely candidate to haunt the place, he's the one.


[livejournal.com profile] petronia, apologies about yesterday.

As I was saying, I figured Schu might be more of a trance listener more than anything. It's the genre where one ceases to think (or at least blank out pleasantly, depending on one's taste), which might be the reason why I can see his attraction. I suspect the the dance factor and enhanced experience via pill popping don't hurt.

Then again, I'm the person who links Schu to the Russians even if he has a German name. Don't think I can help you out with this one since the Schu in my head is one who will fiddle between stations, stopping momentarily to listen to the one which seems to have the most obnoxious music of the lot. Because it's amusing to him on some strange level, the same way his green hair and tears-inducing yellow headband are. Or to attempt to get a rise out of Crawford if nothing else. Because, BMW and Morning Musume.
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Well. Actually, I officially moved in this morning. Hung the door curtain, changed domain on the laptop and all. But am really rushed for time as I have about...less than 12 hours to come up with another 1600+ words for an essay to be handed in tomorrow. (I like working under pressure though. Adrenaline high, baby!)

I also want to marry Tatsuya.

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The good news is that our research proposal has finally been approved. Got an email from the man himself today. What that means is that we get to play Mozart muzak to some lab rats psych students and then make them to silly tasks later like "Which one of these cubes is not the cube shown above" and things like that. It would be boring, except it it so happens we're all curious about the Mozart Effect.

The not so good news is that psych databases are insane. (Especially one Hong Kong university's. Hello? 107MB for a 22-page PDF file? oO) And trawling through them, you sometimes encounter strange strange things. I present you with le find of le day.

The illusion of parental celibacy: A necessary stage in adolescent development.

XDXDXD Wait, wait. There's more!

ABSTRACT: (from the journal abstract) The paper begins by reviewing Freud's case history of Dora and emphasizing her involvement in and overstimulation by her parents' sexual behavior. This markedly interfered with her ability to desexualize her relationship with them. As a result she was unable to develop the illusion of parental celibacy, which I postulate is an important and necessary defensive stage in normal adolescence. This illusion facilitates the desexualization of the adolescent's relationship to the parents and so contributes to separation from them and the seeking of non-incestuous sexual outlets. The disruption of this illusion of parental celibacy by parental sex education, or by the complications of parental divorce may contribute significantly to the development of adolescent psychopathology. Clinical vignettes are presented. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2003 APA, all rights reserved)

...actually, you know what? I think the illusion is really necessary for all stages of development. Our minds can only handle so much. XD;;;

That's it. Off to bed.

PS: I finally realised why my luo han guo drink tastes different from the one sold outside. Instead of 2 cups of water to a fruit, I put 2 cups of water to 2 fruits. Eh. Well, I don't know if it's twice as effective though.

PPS: Have also discovered why every bread shop now has some "coffee bun" concoction. RotiBoy. And it is teh Whoo, my friends. When served freshly baked, it's quite heavenly. Crispy outer shell but so soft, so so soft. I just don't get the deal with the salted butter filling thing. 咸咸甜甜, like wth?

Okay. Really going off to bed now.
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From [livejournal.com profile] duckpuppy.


(Picture taken from this post.)

Developmental psych is interesting, but depressing. You learn that almost everything you do might end up screwing the kid. You pay too much attention and you may end up with a spineless offspring with coping difficulties. You don't pay enough attention and you may also end up with a kid who's going to grow up insecure and with coping difficulties as well. It's like damn if you do, damn if you don't and fark if it isn't one bloody thin line (provided you're able to find where the goddamn line is in the first place). There isn't a "Go Back" button either. I don't know how parents did/do it. You plop out a baby, spend over half a million on it (yes, my tutor calculated, that wonderful wonderful Evil man) and at the end of the day, you don't know what it is that you have created and what it's going to do.


This post was brought you by the fact that Cat is going back to Oz tomorrow, she reminded me she won't be seeing me for nine months, that it is time enough to have a kid and plop it out and I am totally blaming her.
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There was some band playing at the central forum. Some holy rolling rock 'n' roll band playing. I think there were quite a few bands that were supposed to play, but I only caught one band which had an albino lead singer and DAMN HIS BAND WAS GOOD. Not that the vocalist sucked (Personally thought he was cool as fark/Dante XD and man! He sounded a little like Axel Rose, but whether that's a good thing or not depends on you.) but with all the guitars and the drums and WHEEEE! vibrations from the speakers, one just couldn't make out wtf he was singing. I did make out that he was singing "BLAH BLAH BLAH" at one point though. XD;;;; However, turns out the bit I saw was only the sound check (hence the "BLAH BLAH BLAH"? XD) and the actual thing was to start at 730pm, way too late for me to still muck around in school.

So. Questions. Does anyone know what the hell was going on? Or the names of the bands? Or was it some hall combo-band thing? (KR? I saw one dude wearing a KR shirt, but he wasn't in the band I saw but part of some other band to be playing later?) [livejournal.com profile] esesiined, would you know anyone who knows? ^^;;;

**LATER: Word is that the band mentioned is not of any hall and so aptly named "Ronin". Ah.
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Rob sez:

"Please try to be a little more boring this week. The swarming melodrama you call your life has become waaaayyyy too interesting. You've got more superheated plots and subplots going on than a Mexican soap opera."

Eh. Rob is scary.

Turns out I didn't kill the soundcard by playing moozik non-stop. (Damn. Not that I am complaining. But wouldn't it be cool? "Hi, I am k. I kill soundcards by playing mp3s 24/7, 365. Nice to meet you. What's your Soopa Powar?") Rather, Windows XP has acquired the uncanny ability of corrupting its files with a simple click of the mouse. Learnt that when I lugged the laptop to the comp service centre. That's 2 formats in a semester. And it's still...quirky. (Quirky? Oui, quirky. I have no idea how else to describe it. It's quirky like tomatoes doing the robot dance on celery sticks. Except not so fun. Nor amusing. Nah.)

So I am stuck back at square one, my book marks all gone. Forgot to do a backup on that one since I was too busy scrambling to save my mp3s and bittorent files even as the tech rolled his eyes. (You see, he knows I have illegal shit on my comp. I know HE KNOWS I have illegal shit on my comp. The idea is not to reveal we both know and keep the WHOA!ILLEGAL!SHIT! out of sight. Hey, the fine is two pops per mp3. *winces*)

And the Lit paper. Oh man, the Lit paper. *headache* This is not a good semester.

...OTOH, Meiji's Black Chocolate is creamier than thought. Smooth. More like chocolate tasting air in your mouth, leaving only traces of bitter sweetness and that touch of cream.
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Still up. And spamming LJs. XD I have to finish the structuralism bit before I can conk out. Still verri jittery now (I'm blaming my prof. After seeing his dummy exam paper, it was PANIC!ATTACK! again. Can no one write in simple english these days?), but I've found out what kills ciggarette cravings. Sprite Ice. Erm. Not that I have been smoking recently.

Rereading Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies and am suddenly faced with too many things I didn't see the first time round. Whereas I was thought the running theme was about letting go, now I think I don't know anything afterall. (Quote Socrates and die. I mean it.) The thing is that Lahiri never comes out straight to tell you exactly what it is that she wants to say. Which is the problem with Ondaatje's The English Patient as well. Well. At least for Lahiri, there are certain issues that are bloody obvious. But there're the other things that are subtle and niggle away at your brain. Why does she use the viewpoint of a child in so many of her short stories? And then why the sudden change to the "We"?

Eh. Never mind.


PPS: Mother thinks I shouldn't keep neon tetras when I move out. "They're BITE-SIZED!!!" Damn. She knows me too well. XD
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The LJ is a tad bare now. Went on a delete spree simply because I needed to kill/maim/destroy something. The past week has been hell.

Bitch )

*exhales* OTOH, received a note to collect my Farewell to my Concubine poster and my UOB Campus card finally arrived. (Yes. Now to decide on a domain name.) Finding out that one of my last 2 papers is actually a open-book one also helps. (Actually, the fact that the last 2 papers are lit ones helps a fucking lot. It means I get to do nothing but read book after book this weekend. I'm hoping I'm not going to screw myself over the last 2 papers as well.)

The O.C, moozik and Blueprint II )

That's about all. Wait. People, when do your papers end? Mine end on the 22nd. Drop me a note if we're to meet up for sushi and/or retail therapy and/or BITCH!session or whatever, yea? Princess D, I'll be looking forward to traumatising yer. Heh.

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