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Is it very wrong that I am currently considering getting a PSP just to play this game?

Patapatapatapon! Ponponpatapon! Chikachikapatapon! Patapatapatapon!

I could give in to my voyeuristic tendancies and listen to a gazillion mix-tapes all day long. But it isn't half as cute.
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Am more or less swamped with work and RL nonsense, but Mark Leung's "College Saga" got me laughing hysterically and pimping it to friends. This one is for all the gamers. Because it makes much more sense if you game and have played FF (and I suspect, The Legend of Zelda too XD;). And hey! Apparently the dude celebrates his Singaporean roots with one episode featuring the S'pore MRT station. XD

College Saga Episode 1
College Saga Episode 2
College Saga Episode 3
College Saga Episode 4
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PS: Dee sent me this link. Which I could only say "BOUNCY MUSIC!", "Awwwww~" at the end of the clip and go read this up. Take it as a sort of supplementary pill.

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Still reading Gibson. This time, Idoru. I think...I think I finally gotten the hang of how he works. I think. Still. A moment of déjà vu there with the noodles. I had to reread it twice to make sure I was reading what I was reading.

Anyway. As promised, a link to Dreamboat, where the Chinese fangirls sl0re everything and anything BL/yaoi/ghei/同志. Stumbled upon it when searching for Velevt Goldmine BT links. From obscure old gay flicks with Antonio Banderas to Leslie Cheung's first year death anniversary specials to the making of the French Rugby Team nude calender, you decide what you want to do with the link. I am not to be held responsible for anything.

I am rather tempted to go off on a sushi trip tomorrow though. The swordfish sashimi beckons.

I've forgotten how depressing Garbage can sometimes be.

PS: The Hours. Whoa.




Mr Gibson is an ebil eeeeebil man. XD


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