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Am catching up with House MD season 2 and right now, I am habouring massive cravings for butter chicken and naan. (And yes, of course House is to be blamed.) Not just any butter chicken, but the one from an Indian shop opposite Beauty World. Where the curry is mild and creamy and the cheese and garlic naan are crispy and chewy at the same time.

... Cat dreamt that she was a bear hunting/feeding on salmon the last time she had cravings for sushi. I don't think there is a dream scenario suited to the ones I have now though. Then again, I am sure my subconscious can think of something appropriately disturbing enough to scare people into going to said shop with me.

*Strangely enough, while I can't say I am crazy about curry the way I am about sushi, I do need regular dosages of it and it is felt acutely when I am out of the island. When in Taiwan, I had the most insane urge to feed on curry. Imagine the emotions when I found roti prata and then realised they didn't have the curry to go with it. (Taiwanese are crazy about fried food, which explains the fried part of the rotia prata business and the lack of the curry part. It baffles how almost none of the Taiwanese look beyond 60kg when they incorporate so much fried/oily food into their diet.) I had to settle for hunting down the only "Arabian" street side hawker at a night market for a samosa.
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I need sushi so bad it actually hurts. And I am not going to get any till at least next Thursday.


Okay. I want chai tow kway too. But this one I can satisfy by either not sleeping and hopping off to the market at six thirty in the morning later or gamble if I have the will to pull myself out of bed after two hours of sleep.

Jeezes Hoogawaga Krist. It's that time of the month, isn't it?


Skinning Watanuki makes my eyes hurt. That series has entirely too much white going on in there.

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Still reading Gibson. This time, Idoru. I think...I think I finally gotten the hang of how he works. I think. Still. A moment of déjà vu there with the noodles. I had to reread it twice to make sure I was reading what I was reading.

Anyway. As promised, a link to Dreamboat, where the Chinese fangirls sl0re everything and anything BL/yaoi/ghei/同志. Stumbled upon it when searching for Velevt Goldmine BT links. From obscure old gay flicks with Antonio Banderas to Leslie Cheung's first year death anniversary specials to the making of the French Rugby Team nude calender, you decide what you want to do with the link. I am not to be held responsible for anything.

I am rather tempted to go off on a sushi trip tomorrow though. The swordfish sashimi beckons.

I've forgotten how depressing Garbage can sometimes be.

PS: The Hours. Whoa.




Mr Gibson is an ebil eeeeebil man. XD
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Rob sez:

"Please try to be a little more boring this week. The swarming melodrama you call your life has become waaaayyyy too interesting. You've got more superheated plots and subplots going on than a Mexican soap opera."

Eh. Rob is scary.

Turns out I didn't kill the soundcard by playing moozik non-stop. (Damn. Not that I am complaining. But wouldn't it be cool? "Hi, I am k. I kill soundcards by playing mp3s 24/7, 365. Nice to meet you. What's your Soopa Powar?") Rather, Windows XP has acquired the uncanny ability of corrupting its files with a simple click of the mouse. Learnt that when I lugged the laptop to the comp service centre. That's 2 formats in a semester. And it's still...quirky. (Quirky? Oui, quirky. I have no idea how else to describe it. It's quirky like tomatoes doing the robot dance on celery sticks. Except not so fun. Nor amusing. Nah.)

So I am stuck back at square one, my book marks all gone. Forgot to do a backup on that one since I was too busy scrambling to save my mp3s and bittorent files even as the tech rolled his eyes. (You see, he knows I have illegal shit on my comp. I know HE KNOWS I have illegal shit on my comp. The idea is not to reveal we both know and keep the WHOA!ILLEGAL!SHIT! out of sight. Hey, the fine is two pops per mp3. *winces*)

And the Lit paper. Oh man, the Lit paper. *headache* This is not a good semester.

...OTOH, Meiji's Black Chocolate is creamier than thought. Smooth. More like chocolate tasting air in your mouth, leaving only traces of bitter sweetness and that touch of cream.


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