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Been watching House MD instead of catching up with the Doctor as I ought to. Namely because the latter is too chipper for me to handle at the moment. Probably also because I suspect I enjoy watching someone more screwed up than myself screw others and Life in general... what? XD;

That said, House MD Season 6 starts off with House trying to redeem himself. Which is more disturbing than it ought to be since you can sense the viewers waiting with bated breath for The Fall.

However, that isn't the point of this post. In "Ignorance Is Bliss", the story centres around the question if one should choose to be "dumb and happy" or "smart and miserable (and rich and famous)". I am not sure exactly how or why this needs to be said, but yes, not thinking so much does helps towards being happy.

This track, "Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie", doesn't help towards being happy. I blame the creepy arrangement. What it does is to lodge itself firmly into your aural being.

Have fun.
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For some odd reason, the lyrics appear to make more sense in Lissie's cover. Gaga still wins hands down for the Eye Candy Department though.
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Annoying Chinese New Year songs. Done heavy metal style.

By a Singaporean band, no less. I am impressed. (And tickled to no end.)
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And I was just telling Cat about Isabella Blow, her death and how it might have been related to McQueen yesterday.

Long live McQueen.
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It didn't seem so long ago, but damn, remixes of Sia's "You've Changed" are out already. (Three so far. And yes, I stalk the Hype Machine when I can.)

TL;DR: Original Mix > Alexander Technique & Larry Tee Blogula Rmx > Drlkt Freddie Remix

Also. Florence and The Machine concert this February! TBH, haven't heard much of their stuff yet, but from what I've heard, I am pretty jazzed about it.

And thanks for the messages regarding the previous post. If I don't reply, it's only because I am all out of words at the moment.
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Whatever one might think of her music, you cannot deny that she knows how to give good eye candy.

Watch it. On repeat. (And note the McQueen heels.)

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Disturbing. And yet so beautiful.


Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:29 am
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"...how he was looking at the world like somebody from another planet, watching what people did and trying to work out the right way to behave. And then one day he called me and he had been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, and he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and he was really taken with this energy."

From here.

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This bit by Garance Dore made me crack up.

"Hedi is a photographer. He’s also one of the greatest designers of our time, a world all his own, like god-like in my eyes. Saturday, as I hop on the Eurostar, I see him, looking simple and sublime (all gods are sublime) in his camel duffle coat THAT I DIDN’T GET A PHOTO OF SO YOU’LL HAVE TO JUST CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN MENTAL IMAGE because even gods need a private life.

The only thing that I allowed myself to do was, a second after seeing him, was to shove out, “excuse me, I gotta get by, question of life and death” and push all of the peons out of the way who didn’t see what they had. I slid my way next to him amidst all the boarding craziness. I took my two hands together and tried to breathe in as much of his creative genius as a I could in as much time as I could steal.

Voilà. If I ever get the chance to really meet Hedi Slimane, no chance he’ll want to talk to me after reading this. What? Of course he reads my blog. Gods see everything. What did you think?!"

It's... actually pretty heartwarming to see to see someone well-respected in the fashion industry unbashedly fangirling over another.

Her blog makes me wish I understood French.
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I really want to see how this one will pan out.
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While it's really their cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" that's making the rounds on the blogosphere, Pomplamoose's rendition of "La Vie en Rose" is really too charming to not post.

Yea, quavering voice and all.

Free download of the covers here.

And completely offnote and random, did you know bridesmaids are not suppose to wear white? Who knew? (What? I sure as hell didn't.)
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Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder: A Mystery

Popped by the library near office and chanced upon this. It's actually part of a series.

There was also a "Volume of Darkness" novel that involved werewolves, orgies (which may or may not resulted in the death of a count) and Chang, a scarred China man? I would link it up on Amazon, but it appears that there at least a thousand hits for the search "Volume of Darkness" and damned if I can remember the author at this point in time.

Picked up Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop and Snakebit: Confessions of a Herpetologist. O, the irony.

And now... back to gnawing my bacon loaf.
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Uncle Karl's is floating somewhere on the internet. (Google is your friend.) Marc Jacob's starts off with a pigeon suit. (Amazon is your friend.) Now, we have Valentino's.

He has a lot of pugs for friends.

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Kinky bastards. Clever kinky bastards. XD

(In short, mildy NSFW. You've been warned. XDDDD)


May. 5th, 2009 05:40 pm
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I curse the day I found out about Tyler Stout. His work has been haunting me ever since.

He produces posters in glorious colours and crams them with details, like only someone who loves his work can do. But he has everything in limited quantities and refuses to reprint his works.

Of course most of his work sells out in about 2 minutes. And then is put on EvilBay for at least twice the price.

I love his Bladerunner posters, but I heart his Kukuweaq series most of all. Only 65 of Kukuweaq 2 were produced. Why, I have no idea. Right now, I'm here tearing my hair over the atrocious prices for the posters.

... ok, enough random QQing for now.

PS: If you love his recent Flight of the Concords poster, you will be glad to know that there are some reasonably priced ones out there on EvilBay.
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#1: If you have yet to watch the Detroit Metal City movie, you need to... that or watch the anime. Sure, it's sexist, but I can't help but feel that's what Kiminori Wakasugi is making fun of as well.

Plus, I nearly died from all the Indie shit. LOL!

#2: Sam Sparro's "Black And Gold" has been feeding on my brain. It's worse than Wonder Girls' "Nobody". The lyrics are nonsense and the boy resembles one of my colleague who tries too hard in the Hipster department. Still, the song is unbearably catchy.

I would upload the track. But why do that when I can simply direct you to a blog with the original and cover tracks?

#3: I am currently compiling a list of places to visit while in HK. Said list consists of nothing but eating spots. XD

But seriously, I am excited to return to HK. There's a certain..buzz? about the place. Especially since this time round I will really be staying in Mong Kok, the old heart of the city. With all its dodgy corners, the haphazard architecture and streetside delights! (Yes, if I could move into Joo Chiat, I would. In an instant.)

#4: *SWOONS*

... someone please write some Gaiman Boy rock/punk/slackenties shit.

#5: Jarvis Cocker Y-fronts for you? No? How about Nick Cave's Grinderman Pants then? Alison Goldfrapp butt-warmers?

My work here is done.
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