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I can count the number of gamer friends I have in my RL social circles, much less the WoW gamer geeks. Still, the following videos are too good to not post.

In case you haven't seen the epic My Little Pony (MLP) and StarCraft 2 mashup, you really should. Aptly named "PonyCraft 2", the video has been making waves in the SC2 community (and WoW's too, to be honest) due to the sheer EPICNESS. (Yes, I insist EPICNESS is a real word,)

Original SC2 trailer also included for comparison.

And then just as I thought the above MLP mashup can't get any more epic, I came across another MLP mashup featuring an actual mashup track.

Yo dawg, we heard you like mashups. So we mashed up your mashup for more mashups.

I rather like the mashup track too FWIW. Britney, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Hilary Duff and Soft Cell. Plus it has that awesome "Personal Jesus" chords thing going on. The MLP lipsync is just icing on the cake.

Last but not least, I was reminded by WoW Insider on just how brilliant this WoW machinima, "Blind" is. Two years later, it's still a classic in the WoW community because it's just that good. You don't even have to play the game to enjoy the story and see the love and attention put into making the machinima. Really great choice of sountrack too, though the fun only starts at the 53rd second mark.

Of course, understanding WoW's lore helps and you can find out the secret identity of the target here. Still, like I told a guildee, the UST in the video is enough to spark off a fandom by itself. XD;

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